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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's the time be the judge :)

 Everything that i've done, everything is not worth. Where i'm in the middle to change myself, there is always a wrong deed that i've done. Am i can't be the way of me? am i can't be the one that you proud of?why can't i? 

For now on, i'll understand. I had it enough. I dont want to hear any reasons from you. I dont want to have a discuss with you for a moment. Let's the time be the judge. I hope you are happy with anything you did. I dont want to disturb you anymore. I dont want to hurt you anymore. Enough. enough enough. i want to move on, i want to change. to change myself to make you please. 

untuk awak : " Biar masa yang menentukan kita dan biar takdir yang memisahkan kita" 

itu yang terbaik buat masa sekarang.
please do pray for me dear bloggers :')

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